Non-Comprehensive List of QDrops that have been Debunked

It’s nearly impossible to list all of the easily debunked QAnon posts. Q has adopted more ambiguous language recently. Telling followers to “Trust the Plan” or “Information Warfare” or “No Coincidences”.

With the fake military jargon and cheer-leading devotees its getting harder to see what Q is actually offering in terms of actual information dissemination to followers.

Below is a non-comprehensive list of some QDrops which are easily debunked

  • QDrop number 15 states that Clinton loyalist, John Podesta and Huma Abedin will be arrest in November 2017. This did not happen.
  • QDrop 29 states that Kim Jong-Un is not the true leader of North Korea and that the truth would drive people to riot. Over three years later, this does not happen.
  • Q states in November 2017 that the arrest of Mr. Podesta will result in riots and the Emergency Broadcast System will be activated. This does not happen.
  • Q drop 540 states that its a “BIG NEWS DAY” and that the news will lead to the end of the Democratic party. Two years later the Democratic party has actually gained seats in the legislative body.
  • QDrop 576 states that the flood is coming. Emails, videos and pictures released by the NSA. This of course, does not happen.
  • QDrop 598 and 615 state that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter will be leaving Twitter. He remains the CEO in late 2020.
  • Post 1014 states that Mark Zuckerberg will step downs and leave the United States. Over 2 years later and this has not happened
  • Post 1043 states that a picture of President Barack Obama holding an AK-47 will surface and the internet will be shut down. This, of course, never happened.
  • Post 1276 implicated singer John Legend with something, presumable child trafficking in Haiti. This is never substantiated .
  • Drop 1332 Q asks followers to “Trust the Plan” and “Remain BRAVE” as President Obama goes down.
  • Drop 1386 Q tells followers to watch NYC and CA. Nothing actually happens.
  • Paul Ryan departs as speaker and Q states that “The Flood is coming”. Nothing actually happens.
  • Q states a “week to remember” in June 2018. Do you remember the first week in June 2018?
  • Post 1528 Q shares a poorly photoshopped graffiti was in Spain.
  • In QDrop 1558 he states that Iran will have a Regime Change. It does not.

There are many, many more QAnon predictions and statements that are easily proven false. The question remains, why would anyone follow this? How did it gain traction?

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