Beyond QAnon

As of 1/12/2020, the anonymous message board user known as QAnon has not made a post in over a month.

QAnon has essentially abandoned posting any predictions or insights just as the Trump administration comes to an end. President Donald Trump was a key character in the QAnon mythos, looked upon as a savior that would bring the evil deep state down once and for all.

QAnon seems to have concluded with an extremely poor track record. You can read a few of them in a previous post: Non-Comprehensive List of QDrops that have been Debunked.

Now that QAnon predictions have came up with nothing and has ceased posting what will happen to the movement? Will the followers admit that they have been duped and misguided?

Hopefully QAnon followers can now move on.

Below is a great video explaining the phycology behind the QAnon movement and some predictions on where it could go next.

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