The First Q Drop. Wrong from the Start.

On October 28th, 2017 an anonymous poster on the forum site 4Chan, who will later claim to be ‘Q’ , replied to a posting claiming that Hillary Clinton would be arrested on October 30th. ‘Q’ doubled down on this claim and further stated that the extradition of Hillary Clinton was underway and her passport was “flagged” effective 10/30. This would result in massive riots and the National Guard would be activated.

This is the first prediction of Qanon. It offers a specific time and very specific events.

A former Presidential Candidate being arrested would have been an enormous news story and turning point in history.

October 30th came and went and none of the predicted events transpired. This anonymous poster, on a notoriously seedy website, was completely wrong.¬†As this is the first post attributed to ‘Q’ its difficult to understand why anyone would not dismiss all Q posts as malarkey.


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