QAnon Clams Voter Fraud in Arizona. Doesn’t Understand How Polling Works.

After mid-term elections it looks like the Democrats will take a commanding majority in the house, while the Republicans will retain a slim majority and likely gain a few seats in the process.

However one Senate race took quite a while to finalize. The Senate seat vacated by Trump critic, Jeff Flake in Arizona, on election night looked like it was going to the Republican Martha McSally. However after a lengthy process, where early mail-in ballots are tallied, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema pulled ahead before the race was called in her favor.

The race was always seen as a close one going into the election. McSally and Sinema traded leads in polls in the months leading up to the race. According to RealClearPolitics, McSally had a slight lead of just 1 point in their aggregate polling prior to the election. A real toss-up to be sure!

Sinema won by just 1.7% of the vote as the race was as close as expected.

Meanwhile Arizona also had a gubernatorial election. The incumbent Governor, Republican Doug Ducey proved popular with Arizonans and the polling data showed that he would likely win a second term by a healthy margin, up 16% in the RealClearPolitics polling.

Governor Ducey and Senator Sinema was a fairly likely outcome, with Ducey expected to win by a large margin and the senate race was a toss-up.

While split tickets do not happen regularly, in this case it was not only possible but highly likely. Additionally, Sinema and Ducey share many of the same views and ran similarly styled campaigns.

That factual analysis didn’t stop QAnon from suggesting that the split ticket was actually evidence of voting fraud! Offering no evidence but the vote totals, on November 12th he posted the following:

I wonder when the Patriots will take action against this kind of fraud! If what QAnon said was real, there would be an army of lawyers from the Administration’s justice department to hold fraudsters accountable.

At this time the outcome stands. And the outcome was very similar to what polling was predicting.


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