Q Proof! +++ edition

Followers of Q are always looking for further proof that Q is actually deeply embedded in the Trump Administration. This would raise MANY questions, like how could he be wrong all the time or what is the motivation for this, however as this is a fantasy, we will just skip an interesting “proof”

Look at this Q post and tweet from the President that someone has actually printed and put into a folder. I would love to see the rest of this folder, but this is what we have. Both Q and Trump use +++ and then look at the timestamp! Q posted the +++ BEFORE the President! This must mean that Q, is working very closely with the President and this is confirmation!

Unfortunately, things fall off the rails pretty quickly. The timestamps for the Q post and Donald’s tweet do not actually reflect the same times. A user norcam on the site Reddit, breaks down how to anyone can verify the times of each post in Universal Time Coordinated or UTC.

Looking at the raw source for each, it looks like Trump posted 52min 25sec earlier than Q.

Trump tweet, view source, Ctrl-F data-time-ms:


This time in milliseconds relative to the Epoch can be converted to ISO 8601 UTC in any Javascript console:

new Date(1510002932000).toISOString() “2017-11-06T21:15:32.000Z”

Q 4chan post, view source, Ctrl-F id="148289594" to locate the post then look for the time element:

<time datetime=”2017-11-06T22:07:57+00:00″

The “Z” and “+00:00” mean the same thing, both times are UTC.

To summarize:

2017-11-06T21:15:32+00:00 Trump tweet

2017-11-06T22:07:57+00:00 Q post on 4chan


While this is easily debunked it continues to be shared as further proof that Q is embedded with the President of the United States.

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Joel Lotton
5 years ago

Mission accomplished. It’s good!!